"Titan, Wizard, and Demon" have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure, humor, horror, and dazzling imagination. Now, in the epic conclusion of John Varley's masterpiece, the satellite-sized alien Gaea has gone completely insane. She has trapped humans in her mind. She has transformed her love of old movies into monstrous realities. She is Marilyn Monroe. She is King Kong. And she must be destroyed.

Quotes and thoughts while reading:

I had a really fun time reading this! I thought the film lens that we viewed the book through was a little strange at first, but by the end it certainly makes sense. Join me below for some bits I found interesting. Again, we are on the kindle, so there will be location numbers, not page numbers.

"Soon the clay was pliable. She rolled in it, rubbed it over every inch of her body and into her hair. When she got up, she was a blue demon with white eyes. The layer of mud was an eighth of an inch thick, but did not crack or flake as she moved... The blue mud peeled off like rubber. It was a wonderful insulator." (loc 1129)

'Oh, no, I wouldn't want to upset you. I wouldn't want to make you lose your precious control of yourself. Mother, preserve me.' She slammed the curtain back in place, then, a few seconds later, pulled it back... " (loc 2726)

"Mumble," said one angel, which is what they said when they had nothing to say but didn't want to be left out of the conversation." (loc 5560)

I realize I have a ton of other marks and notes, but they are way too spoilery to post here! So you'll just have to read it, and guess what I wanted to share!


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